Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gas Prices Rising More Slowly, Might Have Peaked

We are up to $4.30 per gallon I am ready for a reversal. Last fill-up costed me $64 plus change. Not good. Are you doing less driving?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Slim Pickin's

The jet tip for my WaterPik broke in two. No problem… replacement should be easy. Or, so I thought.

A stop at Wal-Mart seemed to be the best choice; yet, a search for my item turned up nothing. OK. No big deal. CVS Pharmacy was on the way home. Alas, no luck there.

Not to worry. RiteAid was just up the street a ways. Again, futility. Being somewhat a resourceful person I figured Walgreens would satisfy my need and should now be worth the extra mileage to get there. Batting 1000 boys and girls.

Finally I drove another distance to Target. Aaarg… ! No store carried the WaterPik Jet Tip replacements.

So a digital trip to Amazon.Com rewarded me with a set of two for just $10.99. That is nearly a 50% savings from regular retail.

Meantime I will use my special brush tip. However, I believe the jet tip does a better job between teeth.