Sunday, September 26, 2010

PUR® 3 Stage Horizontal Mount Faucet Water Filter

Provides up to 100 gallons of clean water with the flick of switch…

  • Built-in Electronic Filter Life Indicator simplifies filter replacement.
  • Each PUR filter provides up to 100 gallons of clean water, and the built-in indicator flashes green (go), yellow (close to change time) or red (change filter) so you'll always know when it's time for a replacement filter.

The filters cost around $8 each. We can buy distilled water in 2.5 gallons containers. The cost is $1.12 per gallon. However, to get one-hundred gallons from a filter comes to 8.3¢ per gallon.

I am on my second cup of coffee with this filtered water without wishing I was back to distilled from the container. How long between filter changes? The label claims it would be around three months of filter service. That, of course, is an estimate based on average use. Yet, it does not matter because one-hundred gallons is one-hundred gallons. The choice for savings is a no-brainer.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Laser Pointer Purchase — It Was Easy — Not

How easy should it be to find a laser pointer? Best Buy had the technology built in to a hand-held device that could support advancing and back-tracking the slides in a video presentation. I have seen only one of those and the laser beam was weak. And I needed only the pointer.

Best Buy people who were standing around made no effort to assist me in finding a device. Two of them said I "might" find a laser pointer in the 'computers' section. My immediate recollection of Circuit City staff walking me to an isle and then helping me search came to mind. Sad comparison.

I had to go back to one of those staff and request a little more assistance. She asked if I wanted to find the item in the store. I told her I had not planned to look outside the store. Obviously if I wanted their online retail method I would have remained at home and done that.

Wal-Mart! I just knew that Wal-Mart would have it. An employee there pointed me in a direction and said look where the stationery items are displayed. Nothing there. I elected to not search further because I expected a bit better support in trying to find something.

Office Depot had only one model of Quartet's product. It is their 'Class 3A' standard laser pointer. Red in color spectrum and quite powerful. It will be perfect for my needs. I do some instructing of our Safety presentations at work and the pointer from Education Development is not always available. Nor is it as strong.

The cost was $22 after tax. Similarly priced (as well as less costly) laser pointers at the online venues had reviews whose pros were consistently balanced with cons. It was hard to believe that two people were talking about the same product. I elected not to go that route.

So, yes, I am happy with my purchase. I have a strong red laser beam that will work perfectly, and the item's price shouts "bang for the buck."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Clarified: What does "genetically modified" salmon mean?

Photo: AquAdvantage® Salmon in the background; a non-GMO Atlantic salmon of the same age in the foreground.

" 'AquAdvantage® Salmon' grow into full-sized fish in half the time that it would take a regular salmon, and if approved, would become the first 'transgenic' or genetically engineered animals to be approved for human consumption."

Below is a poll result asking those surveyed if they would eat genetically modified salmon. I believe I would wait to see how others fared over several years of consumption. Clearly half of those people said 'Never'.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Protecting My Kindle

Highbrow protection (above) versus basic inexpensive safeguard (below).

Whooda thought? The written evaluations by a Wired publications author pointed out that the commercially available Kindle cases all have their pros and cons. Then this guy points out a solution by one of his acquaintances that costs next to nothing and gets the job done.

I shall gladly give this method a try. I believe the bubble envelopes in various sizes are available individually at Wal-Mart. w0w… I almost spent $35 for the leather case. Reading the article was rather eye-opening.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Product Features

  • Latest technology for strengthening and protecting your teeth
  • MI Paste enhanced with a formula of sodium fluoride, calcium and phosphate
  • Helps to maintain a normal pH level and healthy teeth
  • Helps condition, protect and rebuild your tooth surfaces
  • Releases vital minerals into your mouth when and where they re needed
My dental professional recommended this product to help relieve discomfort from a sensitive area at the base of a tooth. This is the second night of applying the paste. After reading several reviews from users I am encouraged.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Twin Brothers J David & E Craig Crawford

Descendants of John R. Charlesworth 1st International Reunion — August 2010 — Dayton, Ohio

Front–Seated: Cousin Phil Charlesworth from UK. 2nd Row (L to R): Scott Charlesworth, Susan Hageman, Cathie Abkemeier, Virginia Salmons. 3rd Row (L to R): E Craig Crawford, J David Crawford, John B Williams.

The family reunion picnic was held in Dayton, Ohio at the beautiful Art Van Atta Park. There were approximately 80 people in attendance, including grandchildren, great grandchildren, and extra-extended of family members.

Shirley and I spent ten full days in Dayton, excluding the arrival and departure travel days.  Our picnic day was one of several terrific vacation days that provided wonderful opportunities to spend time with family.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010