Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Silicone Earbuds

Part of the fit for earbuds is to use the best size. The above-pictured set of small, medium, and large come with the Bose In Ear Headphone. My ear accommodates the medium size quite nicely.

Problem is, the earbud detached from my bluetooth earphone and went missing. Regular checking on Amazon finally came up with a reasonably priced replacement. Under $4 with free shipping is great.

My first bluetooth device was the Jawbone with its $100 price tag. It boasted military-grade noise cancellation. The Jawbone's earbud was always loosening from my ear canal and the attachable loop option made for an uncomfortable fit. Eventually I somehow lost my Jawbone device. It was time for a replacement.

I was at the Apple retail store on other business and decided to check out the bluetooth headset offerings there. When I saw the Bose with its silicone earbuds I felt that those should be perfect for a good fit.

w0w… what a surprise when I noticed the $150 price tag. I had had past experience with Bose sound quality, so I bit the bullet and parted with my money.

The Bose In Ear Headphone proved to be a smart choice. I was pleased with both audio and fit. And finding this set of earbuds on Amazon has made me a very happy person.

Be assured that good electronics in these such devices can be had for around $45. Samsung is a good example. I have never tried to wear a brand outside of Jawbone and Bose, so I cannot speak for their comfortable fit.