Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mitrochondrial Dysfuntion and GMOs

It is interesting that the glyphosate in Monsanto's Roundup is not the only ingredient detrimental to the human organism. The consumer is becoming more and more sophisticated about good dietary practices.

Organic beef and crops are a major step in the right direction.

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Why scientists are worried about the GMO apple and potato

We are risking our health by not insisting on organic foods.

Monday, November 09, 2015

GMOs should be banned…

"There are over 500 research publications by scientists of indisputable integrity, who have no conflict of interest, that establish harmful effects of GMO crops to human, animal and plant health, and on the environment and biodiversity... On the other hand, virtually every paper supporting GM crops is by scientists who have a declared conflict of interest or whose credibility and integrity can be doubted."


Today 64 countries require GMO labelling. Not the U.S.

We ask ourselves, "Does Monsanto have the FDA in its pocket?"

Read more: 

Choosing "Organic" products at the market is an important first step. No longer are organics niche items. Every aisle in the grocery store offers organic items along with the usual stuff.

Organic foods contain no GMO ingredients. They come from produce that have never been contaminated with pesticides.

My healthy salads are now healthier because the vegetable ingredients are organic. 

Consumer pressure is growing to get "Non GMO" labelling done voluntarily by food producers. Else companies who do not label stand to lose sales to their competitors who will label. (Monsanto will lose in spite of its evil efforts.)

Sunday, November 08, 2015

No High Fructose Corn Syrup

The 'Corn Cartel' ran adds to inform the public that products containing high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) were no different than those sweetened with sucrose (sugar). "Sugar is sugar" it said. "The body cannot tell the difference." WRONG! The body has to tell the difference because fructose is metabolized in the liver. Sucrose is not. And what the liver does not supply for energy gets stored as fat. Non-Cirrhosis Fatty Liver cases are spiking due to the high use of HFCS as a sweetening ingredient in processed foods.

As low-fat foods became the dietary norm for many people the missing fats could no longer carry food flavors to our taste buds. Low fat foods tasted like cardboard unless HFCS was added to the ingredients.

With the rise in HFCS use came the rise in childhood obesity and the increase of Type 2 Diabetes in our general population.

Consumer pressure against products with HFCS has driven a market offering products without it. Back to natural sugar as the food ingredient, in spite of higher costs to use actual sucrose.

The web site to check for such products is .

As the consumer public becomes more sophisticated about healthier eating we see nutritionists warning us that ALL sugar is toxic and should be avoided.

I look at labels for ingredients and make every effort to avoid anything with HFCS.

Everyone should.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


The following is an e-mail I received:
Today is a great day in the battle against robocalls. 

Yesterday, the FCC voted to officially allow carriers to offer robocall blocking services to their customers!

The message was loud and clear - it's your phone and you should be in control.

If you want more details, just do a search for "FCC robocalls" and you can read all the news stories about it. There was too much to put in this email.

And, this couldn't have happened without your help.

If you remember, back in January, I went down to Washington to show the FCC just how big this problem is.

I told them that over 35% of all of the calls that Nomorobo analyzes are blocked. (2.8 million robocalls were stopped last month, BTW.)

I told them about all of the emails that I get from people like you that are sick and tired of these calls and just want some peace and quiet.

I printed out all of the comments that you sent in (all 25,481 of them) and dropped them right on the FCC's doorstep. It weighed over 250 pounds!

It worked.

They listened.

Your voice was heard.

Nomorobo is now safe. It's not going anywhere. If anything, it should be available on more carriers in the upcoming months.

This is a really good day for consumers and a really bad day for robocallers.

So, now that I've taken a quick victory lap, I have to get back to the task at hand - protecting you from robocalls.

If you have any other questions or comments, just reply back to this email. I'm happy to chat.

- Aaron
Here is how this works. My landline carrier is Time Warner Cable. One of my phone features is called "Answer Anywhere." I can designate up to five phone numbers where my incoming calls will ring when my number us dialed. I have the NoMoRobo service number listed on my "Answer Anywhere" list.

The NoMoRobo data base has thousands of known robo-call numbers, and when such a number comes up on their server's Caller ID aspect NoMoRobo's blocking occurs.

The number NoMoRobo blocked appears on my 'caller ID,' yet is not on my cordless phone system's caller list. I have made a list of numbers NoMoRobo has blocked so far. That list contains 30 phone numbers whereby those asshats cannot bother me.

Bottom line: If your landline phone service provides an "Answer Anywhere" feature then add NoMoRobo's service number to it.

Go to NoMoRobo at: or click here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

My Specialty License Plate

My friend Paul keeps my 2004 Kia running like new. I decided on a paint job to have my vehicle looking like new. The paint job – original color – looks fabulous. Shirley picked this car out for me when it was five years old.

For a few years I have been mulling over the idea of getting specialty license plates. When my Dad was alive he had Ohio license tags with 'X 42 C'. Now I have finally acted on my idea to choose my father's old license tag number.

California has accepted my choice. I expect to have my new tags by end of April. My brother Craig – in Ohio – is now considering to get the same 'X 42 C' tags for his car. Then we will truly be twins.