Thursday, December 19, 2013

Annoying Phone Calls


Offshore telemarketers need not worry about the provisions of the National Do Not Call List because they cannot be prosecuted for calling us. We have had our phone number for nearly six years and still get calls for the person who had our number prior to us. Either some law firm or a collection agency asks for an individual whom we explain is not at our number. SIX YEARS!

With only Caller ID we must check the display to decide whether or not to answer a caller. It does not take long to tire of the call interruptions of a ringing telephone. Ignoring a call might result in a voicemail message that will get deleted as well. Soon enough we feel that we are tethered to our phones.

A couple years ago we discovered the Digitone Call Blocker. wOw… did it ever deliver on its promise to block unwanted calls. Even the testimonials from users of the device were strongly positive. Within a few days of using our Digitone we understood the supportive praise it received.
Now… in January the new Digitone Call Blocker Plus will be available. Beyond having a larger block list it offers some new features that make the upgrade purchase worthwhile. We will now block the undesirable exchange within an area code, allowing other exchanges in that area code to ring through. Name ID blocking will be excellent for entities that use multiple numbers for the same name ID. A few other new features will make the "Plus" model a desirable item.

When the new model becomes available for shipping in January we will receive an e-mail from the manufacturer. I suspect that there will be initially a high demand that could create back-orders. Nonetheless, the Digitone Call Blocker Plus will be worth waiting for.