Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Weather Or Not

When air conditioning fails our home environment feels like an oven. Shirley's heart condition pushes our repair status into 'emergency' mode. On Sunday the failure was impending.

We called our home warranty service on Sunday because the compressor's fan motor was screeching and chirping. The unit was still cooling our home so we were not having emergency conditions. On Monday morning a neighbor kindly asked if we were aware that our AC unit was making noise. We explained that we had already called for repair.

In mid-afternoon the unit's fan had stopped. We called the warranty company to explain our emergency. They checked with the assigned servicer — who had not yet contacted us — and learned that it would still be Thursday before they could help us on an emergency basis.

Warranty company cancelled the service order with that company and found a shop who could have someone here next morning. I spoke with the repair person who now has some history about our unit and situation.

Hopefully we will have some cooling by early afternoon.

Last week our triple-digits reached 109°F. Yesterday we just hit the triple-digit mark and should once again do that today. Temperatures moderated enough last night to allow comfortable sleep with windows open and house fans working at full speed.

How easily we take our comfort for granted when air conditioning functions properly. Even without health problems everyone wants to escape the discomfort of high heat in their environment. All AC repair shops are being hit hard with service requests as scorching temperatures challenge home AC units.

Hope y'all are comfortable in your homes.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Liam Elija Crawford

Adoption Is About Love

James & Stephanie Crawford (youngest son and his wife) have been in the adoption process for a few years.  Last month a birth mother selected their profile from among several. Next she met them and that sealed the deal.

Yesterday Liam was born by C-section and the bonding has begun. Liam may be released from the hospital today. The biological mother will sign a release 7 days after the birth and will have three days after signing to still change her mind.

However, the birth mother states she would not create false hope with James and Stephanie, and will clearly not change her mind. We expect that Liam will find wonderful, loving, caring parents in James and Stephanie.