Friday, June 08, 2012

Mr. Rogers Remix

Friday, June 01, 2012

Air Filler

Inject a chocolate bar with a gazillion tiny air bubbles. What you get is less candy at high cost. Now, Hershey is calling this crazy candy bar "Air Delight." All of those air bubbles could not possibly make this chocolate bar delightful.

Over the years the candy bar makers have managed to shrink the size of candy bars while increasing cost to the consumer. And adding air bubbles to the mixture for a chocolate bar is the latest insult.

Among the product ingredients listed on the wrapper, one of them should be "air." The manufacturer has the audacity to advertise its product that reveals obvious air pockets when the consumer bights into it as "Air Delight." OMG… what next?

The first time the commercial aired I was ROFLMAO (rolling on floor laughing my ass off), at least figuratively. The size of the chocolate bar has not shrunk in spite of less product in the item. All those air bubbles puff up the size to normal.

Would any chocolate lover want to purchase an Air Delight?