Saturday, November 24, 2012

Flight Without Fright

Above is Boeing's 787 Dreamliner. At least a rendering of the 787 for X-Plane Flight Simulator. [Click on the image to enlarge the screenshot photo.] Below is the instrument panel in the pilot's cabin. You may enlarge its screenshot as well.

Operating the 787 is a dream. Learning to smoothly land this 'heavy metal aircraft' has been a fun challenge. Avoiding short runways is important.

Go to X-Plane Addict.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tight Is Right

After several months of routine re-tightening of our toilet seats I decided to Google the issue in hopes of finding a fix. I saw a Yukon brand of kit online, said to be available at Lowes. The kit I got was different because Yukon was no longer carried there.

In researching this I learned that many seat bolts do not fit snuggly through the opening for them on the toilet. One side of each washer is contoured to fill the tiny gap between the bolt and the opening.

Tonight I applied the washers on our two toilets and the nuts seated firmly against the washers. As I tightened they seemed more secure than they had at prior times. I imagine that I have solved the problem.

I ask myself, "why did I not research the problem after the first loosening?" Perhaps I thought they had not been tightened down securely enough each time. Hopefully the hassle is over.

So, a similar problem with your toilet seat/s can be solved for under $5. The kit contains three sets of washers (for 3 seats).