Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Doubling McDonald's Salaries Would Cause Your Big Mac To Cost Just 68¢ More

"…if McDonald's executives wanted to double the salaries of all of its employees and keep profits and other expenses the same, it would need to increase prices by just 17 cents per dollar…"

" …fast-food workers across the country [are striking] for a $15 per hour minimum wage. Workers are also protesting for the right to unionize without fear of retaliation. Protesters are holding strikes in seven cities over a four-day period…"


I would gladly pay 68¢ more for a Big Mac if it assured workers were earning a fair wage and getting improved work conditions. A single mom working a second job at McDonald's deserves that, IMO.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Court of Public Opinion has a Hung Jury

The trial is over. Next week the judge will render a verdict.

Manning's defense claims he had no intention of aiding the enemy, only to expose U.S. wrongdoing in war actions. The prosecution paints Manning as a traitor.

It is said that if Manning goes to prison Wikileaks will release information that the U.S. wants kept secret.

Next week's verdict is coming. The populace is divided in opinion on whether Manning is a good or bad person.

Monday, July 22, 2013

SunTek Carbon XP Film

On the back door windows and rear window is the darkest tint, generally referred to as "Limo." SunTek Carbon XP film is the superior tint that reflects around 50% of solar radiation. The cheaper films do not have such capability.

In California the front door windows, by law, must allow more than 70% of light pass through. The film with that lighter tint also has the solar heat reflection; however, the majority of California vehicles with tint have a darker film on the front door windows. Law enforcement seems to look the other way on this issue.

I chose this darker tint for front doors, being told it was the most popular shade. One can still see occupants in the front seat during daylight.

My original tint was lighter and was the less expensive type, judging on how it failed to block solar. That would have been all right, except the rear window film started forming bubbles. Prior to the bubbling it was quite attractive. As well, the front driver-side film was splitting at the bottom of the window. (Ugly)

Had I opted for the economical tint my price would have been $160. By choosing the SunTek Carbon XP film my cost became $379. The rep behind the counter at Tint Factory demonstrated the difference in films using a heat lamp. The choice was a no-brainer to get the benefit of SunTek. Suddenly the price difference seemed worth the benefit difference.

Now I am pleased that I had decided to replace my window tint. Yes, the passenger compartment heats up in triple-digit temperatures; yet, the steering wheel does not become too hot to touch. Cool-down using the AC is now faster.

If you are in the market for automobile window tinting, be sure to check out SunTek Carbon XP film.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Ice Tea Fad or Forever Hooked?

I have been drinking tea in preference to soda pop. All the fast food places offer ice tea along with their other beverages. I opt for the tea lately. I truly enjoy it.

WalMart will get a visit from me today. Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker is in stock, and will cost only $20. Some people use their regular coffee maker to brew tea. However, there is a steeping setting on the tea maker.

Luckily I enjoy tea without adding sugar. (I avoid artificial sweeteners.) A friend made ice tea using a Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker last evening and I saw the steeping action by simply lifting the lid while the tea was brewing.

A three-quart pitcher is included with purchase and that can fit into the refrigerator quite handily once the tea has been made.

I found Pure Leaf Tea at my market. The unsweetened has 0 calories; yet, the Lipton website indicates 8oz of Pure Leaf Unsweetened Tea contains 31mg of caffeine. A little pricey for convenient availability. Now I shall have a very economical ice tea supply.

I wonder if WalMart offers a decaffeinated tea. And would it taste as good as regular?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Predatory lionfish now a confirmed invader in the deep Atlantic

Scientists have confirmed that the hardy, Indo-Pacific fish that has invaded waters off the US East Coast and the Caribbean is now living deep in the Atlantic, possibly imperiling smaller fish there.

"Studies have shown that at least 40 species of fish have dropped in number since the lionfish was introduced to their Atlantic environment…"

Mankind has introduced animal species into locales not indigenous to them. The result is endangerment to native species, upsetting a balance that had once existed.

"Scientists have traced the lionfish, native to the Indo-Pacific and the first exotic fish to invade the Caribbean, to the aquarium trade between oceans in the 1980s. The fish were likely released into the ocean near southern Florida."

"The Reef Environmental Education Foundation Fund sells a cookbook devoted to lionfish recipes, as well as a list of local restaurants that serve lionfish."

Is it just a matter of time when we see "steak and lobster" on menus being replaced by "steak and lionfish?"

(The Story)

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

New Twinkies will double their shelf life…

       "Hostess won't disclose the change in the recipe that allows it to extend the shelf life." (Reference) The original 26-day shelf life now extends to 45 days, almost doubled. I am afraid to ask what makes the difference. We may not want Twinkies if we find out.

       Twinkie lovers must be exceedingly thrilled about the return of Twinkies to grocery shelves. I have never been a Twinkie lover; yet, based on the outpouring of complaints when they went away, this was a highly popular item.

       "The new Hostess, which is owned by a joint venture between Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Metropoulos & Co., was purchased for $410 million in March." (Reference)

       Are you happy to see the reformation of Hostess brand?