Friday, July 30, 2010

The Rogue

My Jawbone Bluetooth headset was providing poor connection to the party on the other side of conversation. It may have been time for a 90-minute charge. However, I did not consider that when Shirley and I shopped for a replacement.

The new Jawbone technology not only cancels noise, it dampens the effect of wind. So Shirley decided to upgrade her headset as well. Hers was falling apart, if you will. Our new Jawbone devices are getting the initial full 90-minute charge. Yet, the literature states that the headset is partially charged when purchased and ready for use right out of the box.

We did the linking to our phones, then began the charging session. I did dial the home phone and spoke briefly with Shirley. The connection seemed crisper, clearer on the new device.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Delivers On Promise of Fresh Breath

Here is a product that seems to deliver on its promise. Whether it is used immediately after breakfast or at end of day, the result is fantastic. Of course, flossing and brushing precedes its use.

No more morning mouth. Not even a hint of unpleasant breath upon arising. Another product I have used is BreathRx. It does a superb job over the common consumer-level mouthwashes. Nonetheless, TheraBreath tops the list, in my opinion.

One testimonial stated, "I can't wait to tell my family dentist that he's wrong that Halitosis sufferers usually have it forever. It is preventable!"

TheraBreath is one product I will never hesitate to praise and recommend.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cutco Spatula Spreader Knife

"Is there anything this knife can't do? Mix, spread, slice and serve with this singular member of our line. With the flexible, Double-D® edge blade, it will quickly become a major player in your cutlery collection. 

"To Use:
Grasp the handle between your thumb and forefinger, allowing your fingers to follow the curve of the handle.

"Choose It To:
Spread and cut sandwiches, muffins and rolls; frost and cut small desserts; slice and remove pie and brownies from pans; spread filling on canapés; fold ingredients into soufflés."

I never thought I would use this utensil so soon. My Cutco shipment arrived today. About thirty minutes ago I decided some peanut butter on Ritz crackers would be just right. The blade is flexible, but not overly so. I removed all natural chunk style peanut butter with the spatula and spread that delicious stuff onto a cracker. A generous cup of cold milk made it all the more delightful.

The sandwich pictured above can be easily cut in two with the spatula spreader knife. The total length of this utensil is ten inches. The cutting edges on all cutlery are awesome.

By the way, Cutco is made in America.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tanzania Ruvuma Peaberry

This one seems worth a try. The coffee bean is a single round berry, not typical of the coffees I have been getting from Old Bisbee Roasters.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

To Err Is Human

I could not renew my driver license online. Because I had a change of address it would be necessary to mail back the renewal form after entering my new address on it. Never mind that it seems to make no sense that online address change is unavailable.

So, enter the human element. Wherever humans are involved there is room for error. Luckily our youngest son (and his wife) live at our old address. That is where my renewed driver license showed up. And with the old address on the license. Aarrgh.

An immediate 'heads up' on the matter was good to get. And the line at DMV moved steadily. Still, it was more time than I wanted to spend over someone else's mistake. The original renewal fee covers this latest corrected replacement, as it should.

And what about the online renewal policy? There was a numerical code to be entered when renewing online. Why would that not suffice as an element of identification for change of address as well? It makes no sense to me that a restriction exists when change of address is part of the process. Maybe I am unaware of a security issue here. Please clue me in if I am missing something in my assessment.

Life goes on. We must always be willing to deal with necessary interventions to keep our world turning. What will it be tomorrow?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Biometric ATM Gives Cash Via 'Finger Vein' Scan

Before you ask, no -- it doesn't work with fingers that have been chopped off.

"The ATM runs on the latest in 'finger vein' technology, with an infrared light detecting a unique pattern of micro-veins."
This is said to be more accurate than finger-print scanning technology. The important aspect is the matching of a scan to specific demographic information on the ATM card's magnetic strip.
The required blood pressure indicates that a chopped off finger would not work for the scanning. That immediately makes this method superior to finger-print scanning.
The best approach would be an ATM that passes 120,000 volts of electricity at 300 Amps through the body of an individual whose scan does not match the card information. (I expect Fry's Electronics could patent that method.)

The question is how far behind Poland will the U.S. be.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Ready For August Family Reunion

The Descendants of John R. Charlesworth International Family Reunion • Dayton, Ohio • August – 2010

Saturday, July 03, 2010

Cutco, Where the Cuts Go

Click Image To Enlarge

The table knife (immediately above) serves as a steak knife. Still it will perform in all the ways a table knife should.

Our new Cutco cutlery will last us our lifetime. These items are backed by the Cutco Guarantee when passed to future generations. Cutco has been in business since 1949.