Friday, October 19, 2012

GE Foods Shorten Life

…Cause Tumors, Says First-Ever Long-Term Study

Messing with Nature brings serious consequences.

Monsanto is an evil, immoral, and unethical company. Its wrongful practices are known by many, especially America's farmers.

"Eating genetically engineered (GE) corn has been strongly linked to serious health effects--including mammary tumors and kidney and liver damage… ," according to the study.

Improving crop yields is a great idea; yet, should not occur at the expense of human health.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Marijuana Decriminalization

Colorado, Washington, and Oregon will have ballot initiatives in November for decriminalization of of marijuana. This measure will allow recreational use of pot, not just medicinal application. The feds have remained silent on these state-level issues.

The federal government lists marijuana as a Class-1 substance, which is that for heroine as well. There is no comparison between the two as for the addictive attribute of each.

The two opposing camps on this issue give rather strong arguments; although, those who want marijuana to remain illegal also give fallacious slippery slope claims.

Personally, I see no reason not to change the law on this. Too bad that the feds will not do the reasonable thing on this. Both federal excise and state sales taxes on legally marketed marijuana would provide a large boost to the financial coffers at both levels.

Portugal has no criminal statutes for any drugs, including heroine. That country has the lowest incidence of drug addiction per capita among countries where statistics exist for drug use.

I feel it is time for decriminalization of marijuana at all levels.