Thursday, January 07, 2016

AquaLiv Water

I sent this video to the AquaLiv people and received a free set of replacement filters.

The AquaLiv system sits under my kitchen sink. Have enjoyed it for several years now.

Recently my son tee'd the refrigerator line to the AquaLiv source. It did not take my son very long to find the correct fittings to complete the tee. I was able to eliminate my separate refrigerator filter; now receiving the better filtered water from my AquaLiv system. Awesome!

AquaLiv is a company with years of water research behind it. My city certifies its water to meet specific standards. Nonetheless, it is better to ensure removal of specific contaminants and have water that is structured and energized the way nature provides it from a fresh mountain stream.

On the AquaLiv site, one can learn about AquaLiv's purification, Activmag™, and Vortex Energizer™ technologies. 

Reverse osmosis (RO) systems employ unnatural processes and attempt to replace minerals that were naturally in the original water source and stripped by RO. Yes, not natural.

Treatment systems that alkalinize water do so unnaturally. Any benefits are marginal.

I have not heard one AquaLiv user ever say they felt bloated after drinking a liter of AquaLiv water. Yet, people with other types of water treatment systems have not made this claim.

AquaLiv is clearly the leader in providing safe, health-supporting hydration. You owe it to yourself to research water treatment systems and claim the best that water treatment technology has to offer.