Thursday, February 07, 2013

Darwinian Evolution

Where does the blobfish fit in to the evolutionary scheme? From appearance I will suggest it is a branch backwards from homo erectus. The animal itself looks like my Great-Uncle Bill. I must mentally add the image of my uncle's straw hat. But then I see him.

Uncle Bill rarely smiled. His down-turned mouth corners made him always seem sad. Everyone who knew him never thought Bill was an unhappy person.

Where does the blobfish fit into the food chain? What are its predators? On what does the blobfish feed? If it went extinct would that upset the natural world in a disastrous way?

I have never seen a blobfish in person. Only photographs. Are they really real?

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Unwanted Phone Calls

TeleZapper II

Digitone 10

Combining a couple technologies to quiet ringing phones has been a blessing in our home. 

The TeleZapper was especially affective until the automated dialers were programmed to ignore the answer tones emitted on not-in-service lines. The TeleZapper still works for some calls. (Ours is plugged into to a separate phone jack with simple landline phone attached.)

Researching call-blocking technologies brought me to the Digitone 10. Its description seemed to present a device that provided needed relief from unwanted calls.

I soon had the combined services of the two devices. I posted a review on Amazon. That was some time ago. Recently I got an e-mail from someone wanting to know if the TeleZapper and Digitone were still working OK for me.

After answering in the affirmative I mentioned how I tracked blocked numbers and how I added to or deleted numbers from the Digitone Call Block list.

I can block an entire area code and still "Invite" numbers to ring through. An "After Hours" mode recognizes a time period that is programmed to accept no calls. An exception is any number I have placed on my "VIP List."

Our Digitone resides between its own landline phone jack cable and our Panasonic cordless phone base.

Lots of choices/options for control. Well designed programming methods that should fit the needs of most users.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Healthy Shower Choice

The Shower Head / Filter Set

The Filter Cartridge

Two filtration mediums are contained in the cartridge. They mainly remove chlorine from the shower water. The health benefit comes from not inhaling chlorine vapors, nor absorbing chlorine through the skin.

A couple years ago I purchased a shower head for each of our children and for mine and my wife's showers. One of our daughters-in-law has said that she liked to brush her teeth in the shower but did not like rinsing her mouth with shower water. After installing the new shower head she loved a new-found pleasant experience in rinsing her mouth.

The filter cartridge is good for a year. The filter containment component easily detaches in order to reverse the cartridge on a monthly basis. This improves the action of the filtration medium and helps to ensure twelve months between filter replacement.

The cartridge generally costs around $45. That comes to $3.75 per month. Not bad.

Sprite is the manufacturer of the shower head and filtration system. Our local health foods store carries them.

Anyone who elects to have this system should be very happy about their choice. I only wish I had known about it years earlier.