Monday, November 09, 2015

GMOs should be banned…

"There are over 500 research publications by scientists of indisputable integrity, who have no conflict of interest, that establish harmful effects of GMO crops to human, animal and plant health, and on the environment and biodiversity... On the other hand, virtually every paper supporting GM crops is by scientists who have a declared conflict of interest or whose credibility and integrity can be doubted."


Today 64 countries require GMO labelling. Not the U.S.

We ask ourselves, "Does Monsanto have the FDA in its pocket?"

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Choosing "Organic" products at the market is an important first step. No longer are organics niche items. Every aisle in the grocery store offers organic items along with the usual stuff.

Organic foods contain no GMO ingredients. They come from produce that have never been contaminated with pesticides.

My healthy salads are now healthier because the vegetable ingredients are organic. 

Consumer pressure is growing to get "Non GMO" labelling done voluntarily by food producers. Else companies who do not label stand to lose sales to their competitors who will label. (Monsanto will lose in spite of its evil efforts.)

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  1. I love how consumer pressure drives the market. Shoppers in the cereal aisle bypass many selections to choose items labeled as "gluten free." We consumers are motivating the producers of healthier dietary choices to advertise and label them appropriately.

    So it goes with “Gluten Free” and "No HFCS’ on labels.

    Manufacturers who wish to hide high fructose corn syrup by calling it only corn syrup in the ingredients list are not fooling the sophisticated shopper.

    Monsanto's lobbyists may keep its GMO fare from being labeled as such. When more and more consumers refuse to buy products that may or may not be GMO free this motivates truth in labeling.

    "Screw you, Monsanto," is our non-verbal message. Producers and purveyors of non-GMO foods, and those who prefer them, are the winners.

    BTW, I got a package of organic cranberries tonight.

    What a freak I have become.