Saturday, April 21, 2018

New Central Air Conditioning

The original condenser unit.

The new condenser unit.

My central air conditioning condenser unit got fried. After many years of solid service it decided to retire. It was a bit noisy when running. Its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) was 8.

The new condenser unit has a decibel rating of 75. Not considered noisy by me. And, its SEER is 14. That means I will have an approximate 40% savings in energy cost to operate this unit during the summer.

Needless to say, I shall compare the electrical cost this August to that of one year prior. No other electricity usage has changed, so it will be a good comparison.

We are approaching the month of May and our winter days have been cool. We just passed summer solstice recently, and about one week ago, during an unusually warm day, my Central Air Conditioning stopped cooling. I made a quick call to American Home Shield [AHS] (my appliance warranty service), and one week later I am operating my central air conditioning with a nee condenser unit. 

My furnace and air conditioning are the Payne brand. [My furnace is also new.] Those are both quality items.

This is the first time in my experience to have an air conditioning problem when we were not in triple-digit summer temperatures. The several days before change out were of moderate temperature. I use fans in my home to circulate air to assist in cooling effect. My indoor environment remained comfortable during those days.

I broke in my system yesterday, after installation, with about ninety minutes of cycling. It was a pleasant experience.

My thermostat is currently showing a temperature of 68°, and is set for Cooling. Tomorrow, when the thermostat sees 74° it will cycle on. As summer progresses I should eventually settle on a higher thermostat setting.

I propose that my home will be very comfortable during the hot summer that is coming.

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  1. The next item I expect to eventually need attention is my water heater. It is well past its service life expectancy. Its 40 gallon capacity serves me quite well.

    It is interesting to note the energy efficiency of a new unit will be an improvement over the old heater.

    Yes, it is simply a matter of time.