Monday, February 13, 2017

Lens Transplant

My left eye gets cataract surgery on Valentine's Day. I am excited that my vision will be improved. About one month later my right eye will be operated and everything will appear brighter and clearer. Even the intensity of colors will be improved.

My copay for the procedure is $250.00 (pulled from Saving Account) and I have half of the copay for the second surgery already saved.

I started analgesic and antibiotic drops three days ago. Steroid drops will be added to the regimen on the day of surgery. One drop of each medication in the operative eye, four times a day. The antibiotic is continued for one week after surgery. The other two are continued for four weeks.

Sensivity to light is an initial problem after cataract extraction and placement of new lens. I will use dark glasses initially to help with the adjustment. Again, I am excited!


  1. I'm praying the surgery is performed without any complications and you heal quickly/have the full desired outcome. ❤

    1. Thank you for your support and prayers.

  2. My left eye has been healing well for a couple weeks. Vision is spectacular. On March 15th my right eye will get done and everything should be fine.

  3. Both eyes now have cataract extraction and intra-ocular lens implant. This is terrific. My distance vision seems perfect without corrective lens glasses.

    I have had both my post-op visits with my surgeon. My final post-op visit is with my regular ophthalmologist at mid-month. All is well.

  4. One month after my second surgery (two months after first) I had my post-op vision check. I now have new glasses that provide improvement in distance vision and correction for astigmatism. Blended lenses with improvement in reading the small print. And, they darken in the sunlight.
    I am extremely happy with my new glasses.