Saturday, March 03, 2018

A New Furnace

How easily I took for granted being able to flash the chill from my home when outdoor temperatures dipped.

These past two winters without a functioning furnace required alternative means for acquiring warmth. This did not include coverage for the entire house.

I am in a prefabricated double-wide mobile home. The furnace is housed in its outdoor-access closet-like space. It is smaller than the original unit; yet, much more efficient.

The electronic igniter obviates the need for a gas pilot that burns 24/7. (Obviously, the old pilot was turned off during summer.)

And I do not take it for granted how easily I maintain a comfortable home environment for my entire house.

My youngest son put the cost on his Visa card and my middle son is paying that off in five equal monthly payments.

How wonderful to have children that step up to the plate financially and help me in my time of need.


  1. The high-end filter costs twelve dollars and change at Walmart. In the past I could get a set of filters for that. Now I will provide the best consumer level filtration sans any special electronic system. A monthly cost of around $13.00 is OK,

    1. Anonymous12:44 PM PDT

      That filter is said to be good for two months. That puts the monthly cost at six dollars and change,

  2. It was the original furnace that got replaced. The AC unit is the original, so… only a matter of time before it went south. And it happened a couple days ago. Looks like a new AC is now in the plans.